Sunday, 30 November 2014

No 30: And suddenly it was Christmas

All of a sudden, just like that... it's the festive season. Having spent a good deal of November in the USA (where it definitely wasn't Christmas until thanksgiving is over) the transition on arriving back in London was quite dramatic. Which is how I like it.

I was walking along Wandsworth Common on Sunday and happen across a Christmas market. It was a relatively small affair, but there were a couple of gems. The first being a stall run by the Dee Light Bakery full of their tasty Christmas treats. It's a local place, not far from my home in Tooting Bec and is a great example of local business done right.

The little plum iced puddingy thingys were amazing. See below for an extreme close up.

Dee Light Bakery, London, 30th November 2014
Of equally tasty delight were the folks on the Honey Stall. Led by Emily Abbott, they make honey sourced from hives situated in South London. They had several types, from various parts of South London. I tried them all and as much as I wanted to love my own local area the most, it was the Bermondsey based Honey that tasted the best.

Emily and the honey people, London, 30th November 2014