Thursday, 20 November 2014

No 20: In the event of emergency...

When the apocalypse comes - as it surely will - I know where I'm heading. Straight over to Tagg's house. No one else I know is so effortlessly self-sufficient. Brewing, distilling, hunting, woodworking and other wizardry (including weather forecasting).

We spent the evening over at Tagg's home, which has to be the best place for surviving anything that is likely to befall mankind. At the very least there will be an endless supply of excellently home brewed beers, liquors and spirits.

I could only ever dream of being that good at taking care of myself. I can cook, and tend a mean vegetable garden, but if it involves using power tools or getting up very early in the morning and waiting around patiently... forget it. I guess my job will be making hot sauce & ice cream.

So here's to you Tagg... and my Friday morning hangover.

Tagg Tim, pouring me a glass of his home brewed Belgian style wheat beer, Nov 20th 2014