Friday, 7 November 2014

No 7: Compare the Burger (part 1)

With my trip to the USA imminent I thought I'd chronicle my lunch (and thus my first food pic of this challenge). Once a week a bunch of us walk to the Chicago Rib Shack, which is relatively newly opened in Clapham North. That's about a 25 minute walk each way, so the heavy lunch is justified I feel.

In the pic you can see the £8 Lunch Special - Burger, Fries & coleslaw, with additional Mac & Cheese (£4) on the side. Total cost, £12.

It should be relatively easy to comparison shop once I'm in the USA. I'm expecting to get more & better for less... but we shall see.

Lunch Special plus side at Chicago Rib Shack, Clapham North, 07 Nov 2014


To answer a few questions, asked via facebook. Yes, I ate it all. it's really not that much. And yes, it was good. Burgers are very subjective things, but I like the ones they serve here.