Saturday, 15 November 2014

No 15: Bat-Mitzvah

And now we come to the main event. The Bat-Mitsvah! The reason I'm in the USA at the moment is because I made a promise a couple of years ago, that I would attend an all important coming of age ceremony. And you can't make a promise to an 11 year old and break it (and retain any sense of respect or credibility!). And I'm not one to miss a good party either.

A Bat-Mitsvah is the female version of the better known Bar-Mitsvah. Its not as common - traditionally only boys celebrate their coming of age, but, as in all things in the year is 2014, it;s time for a bit of reform.

Unfortunately, getting a picture to represent the day wasn't easy. For one thing no technology is allowed in the temple (even a reform one) and for another, most of the party pictures I have include lots and lots of kids, whose pictures I don't want to post without their parents consent.

So here's me and the girl of the moment - Renee Ritchey - at the handy-dandy photo-booth that provided much mirth at the celebratory party. The Penguin background was chosen by the young lady!

Renee Ritchey & Denis-Jose Francois, Centreville, VA, Nov 15, 2014