Saturday, 1 November 2014

No 1: The View

So it's time for another challenge. This time I'm going to create an image that represents my day, every day, for the month of November 2014. 'Create' means I can photograph, manipulate, draw, or sketch. Or even do something fully CG. The point is that it needs to be created by me and should in some way reflect the day that I've had (or am having at the time), be it literally, figuratively of emotionally. I don't need to write about the pictures, but I probably will, to help put them in context.

That said, I decided to start off with the view from my childhood bedroom in queens park park, West London. I went to visit my mum this afternoon, as I usually do on a Saturday afternoon and with it being an unusually clear, sunny day for the beginning of November it struck me as a good place to start. The picture below is actually very high resolution. You can see the full res version here. (it's nearly 100mb, you've been warned).

The view... from Queens Park Court, W10, November 1st 2014

I grew up up from the age of 10 to my early 20s looking at this view every morning and evening. It's my view of London and whilst this picture isn't bad it doesn't really do it justice as there is much more than what you see here on either side.

The flat is on the 4th floor. Not particularly high, but the land dips away and there are no obstructions for a good distance, so you end up with a spectacular, panoramic view London. When we first moved in, in 1980, you could see every landmark building in the capitol. Since then, there's been lots and lots of construction, so some of them are lost - St Paul's Cathedral and the Old Bailey for instance - but then again, there's lots of new ones too. The Shard, Canary Wharf, and most recently the Gherkin.

And the view is seasonal. In a few days time it'll be lit up with fireworks for Guy Fawkes night. In winter it looks great on those rare occasions when London is covered in snow. In summer its sea of green and sunlight reflecting off the glass.

Whenever I travel anywhere, whenever I need to think about a new endeavour, whenever I am looking back at events nostalgically, I find myself returning to look at this view of London.