Saturday, 29 November 2014

No 29: Weekend Wanderer

Today's picture is more a representation of the weekend than the day itself. It's been a bit weird. Every time I thought I couldn't be surprised... I got surprised. Every time I bemoaned the normalcy of life... something abnormal popped up.

Such was the case on Sunday Morning while I was looking for something relatively normal to take a picture of. I was trying to find some left overs from saturday night - a beer can or glass left out on the street. Perhaps an empty box of fried chicken bones. Surprisingly (for South London) I couldn't find any. And then this gentleman cycled along.

travelling in style. Wandworth Roundabout, Nov 30th 2014

I asked him where he was going... he said he was traveling the 4 corners of London - Wimbledon, Wembley, Wapping & Wandsworth. Clearly he was doing the double-u tour. I asked him why and he said 'for fun!'. And then cycled off.