Thursday, 6 November 2014

No 5: Magnetron

Magnetron with chaos defrost
I got a new microwave. Actually, I got a Magnetron. That's the Dutch word for Microwave, and with the added 'chaos defrost' mode makes it sound way more sci-fi!

I never thought a household gadget could be so important. Not having one for 3 months has changed the way I cook and eat but not in the way you think.

See, I love cooking large amounts and freezing the extra. But with an electric hob in our new flat and no Magnatron, reheating frozen food is a real pain in the backside. So I've been cooking different meals and ordering more delivery and take out meals because I don't have the time to cook anything decent.

And finally, sterilizing jars for hot sauce is Waaaaaay easier in a microwave.

So there, I've justified the purchase for all the cooking snobs. Magnetron Wins!