Wednesday, 7 May 2014

Day 07: Public Writing

And thus we arrive in the present. 30 day challenge No 05: Public Writing.

A few people have asked what that means exactly, so let's see if I can provide a better explanation than the one I gave at the beginning.

My original thought for a writing challenge was just to write something every day. But that's too easy. I do as part of every day life: emails, work documents, scripts, messaging. Code. But writing for work  - or yourself - is quite different from writing for anybody to read. If you know who you are writing for, the words can come easily. If you don't have a clue who might be reading your work you'll think about it a bit more carefully. At least, that's what I reckon.

So, for this to actually be a challenge I have to publish something every day. In this sense publish simply means that it's available for anyone to read. Any one. Not just my friends on Facebook.

I think there is an additional difficulty in maintaining a layer of honesty. Sure I could make up a load of shit about myself, but I'd probably get found out sooner or later, so what's the point? Plus, chances are, whatever I publish on-line will be visible forever, so its essential to think carefully about what you put out there. Who knows if a future employer might be reading this 5 years from now? Or a journalist, looking for dirt when I'm running for mayor?

I don't want this to just be a public diary though. Which is all it it has been so far. At some point I'd like to try my hand at some other stuff - perhaps a short story or a review or an interview or... 

...or how about a bit of straight up honesty?

Let's try this. Someone ask me a question or give me a topic and I will write about it tomorrow. Do it in the form of either a comment on this blog, on Facebook or a direct email/message. I will answer the question or take on the assignment as best I can.

Be sensible! I'm not going to write anything that will slander or anger people unnecessary and I'm not going to write anything that will be compromising to me or anyone else.

Do it. Do it now!