Saturday, 24 May 2014

Day 24: Match of the day

I was going to do a piece about hangovers today. I also considered doing a piece about after work drinks which lead to hangovers. So there I was, on a train, making some notes on my ipad, with a hangover, when a very large group of gentlemen got on and started to sing. Like so:

That was actually a quieter moment, just before they got off at Shepherds Bush.

Not knowing anything about current football affairs, it was with great, if somewhat bemused, interest that I listened to their chanting.  I would now like share with you what I learned about today's football match, entirely from the lyrics to their songs:
it would appear that Queens Park Rangers were victorious at Wembly, thanks to a single goal scored in the last minute by a fellow named Bobby Zamora. One goal was all that was needed, so one goal was is what they stole.
West London is wonderful.

Derby on the other hand, who were the other team involved, well Derby... they can just go on home. Go on home. go. on. home. George, who I believe plays for Derby, is apparently OK though and can stay. Yes indeed. He. Can. Stay.

As for Chelsea - who as far as I can tell, weren't even playing today - they are can just fuck off. just fuck off. fuck. off.

QPR are back in the game now. Back in the league. and this is just the start. They will return to Wem-ber-ley to win the cup. Wem-ber-ley. Win the cup. Because QPR are match of the day you see, whilst Derby are just a football special.  And Chelsea can just fuck off. fuck right off.
Since arriving home I've had a quick look at facebook and some of the posts from my friends (Jason & Peter) who are far more in touch with English Football, would appear to verify these facts. So I can honestly say, that as a source of sports news, the QPR supporters were very reliable in this instance.

Citizen journalism and the power of song. BBC 5 Live Sports radio eat your heart out.