Saturday, 3 May 2014

Day 03: Eye Hospital

And then... and then... and then he woke up with a cyst forming on his eyelid and a serious case of the sneezes.

I've had a really crappy day. Sneezing at a rate of 30 times an hour, combined with an enflamed eyeball I trundelled myself down to the Western Eye Hospital and spent about 3 hours sitting around sneezing and wincing everytime I blinked (or sneezed).

Apparently it's the incredibly common Blepharitis. Pronounced 'Blurf-iritis'. In addition to the unlikely name, the eye doctor described it to me in laymans terms. "it's caused by particulate entering in eye, most likely from the eyelashes. You can think of it as having dandruff in your eyes".

What? Who? Sausages?

Anyway, I got some antibiotic cream and have to massage my eye through a hot flannel 4 times a day.

And with that as an excuse, I'm done writing. I'll go back to the world of challenges tomorrow. Now its time... for Adventure Time and a movie.

Next: 30 Days of Gifts. Seriously this time.