Friday, 7 November 2014

No 7: Compare the Burger (part 1)

With my trip to the USA imminent I thought I'd chronicle my lunch (and thus my first food pic of this challenge). Once a week a bunch of us walk to the Chicago Rib Shack, which is relatively newly opened in Clapham North. That's about a 25 minute walk each way, so the heavy lunch is justified I feel.

In the pic you can see the £8 Lunch Special - Burger, Fries & coleslaw, with additional Mac & Cheese (£4) on the side. Total cost, £12.

It should be relatively easy to comparison shop once I'm in the USA. I'm expecting to get more & better for less... but we shall see.

Lunch Special plus side at Chicago Rib Shack, Clapham North, 07 Nov 2014


To answer a few questions, asked via facebook. Yes, I ate it all. it's really not that much. And yes, it was good. Burgers are very subjective things, but I like the ones they serve here.

No 6: Thought of the day

And there are days where you are just left with wise words. The 'Though of the Day' board at Tooting Bec and other Northern Line tube stops has become a 'thing' for local residents. Some days, it hits the nail on the head.

Thought of the day, Tooting Bec, 06 Nov 2014