Sunday, 2 November 2014

No 2: Picture in Picture

Odd day. Whilst trying to communicate with friends on multiple continents - USA, India & Japan - I became slightly confused about the time. This was caused by two things.

1) My over-reliance on Google for all things. turns out that the Google-brain is not infallible and my calendar was wrong about the time in Japan.

2) European daylight savings time changed last week but in the USA it didn't happen until today... and Japan doesn't do the one hour back thing at all.

All this and it was belting it down with rain all morning. so my breakfast plans where nearly ruined. Let's not even talk about going to the Gym at 7.30am.

So I thought to myself, how about a picture of a clock reflected in a puddle? To represent a confusion about time and a generally wet day. Simple, huh?

No. The only thing simple about that idea was me. Each time I went out to take the picture I left the SD card from my camera behind. By the time I got it together to bring it with me... well it was too dark to take the picture. So what you have below is a photo-shopped version of what happened. Why photo-shopped? Because I also couldn't take the picture I wanted with my phone and Canon at the right moment in the right light.

No 2: Picture in picture
Bah Humbug!