Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Day 27: at the pictures

I'm sitting in the cinema writing this. Don't worry, the film hasn't started yet, so I’m not offending anyone or breaking any rules. In fact, the lights haven't even dimmed - they are still playing slides.

Still playing slides! Funny that they still do that in 2014, albeit via power-point or something similar. But then, why not - the basis for the whole experience is about 100 years old. Some things have changed… some things have not. No, I’m not old enough to remember that far back!

It's a good day to 'go to the pictures'. Gloomy, raining, midweek, early evening. Stopped for a bite to eat on the way (Pie & Mash), rocked up to the theatre without booking first, wrestled with the decision of buying popcorn and/or pick & mix (chose neither)... this is all pretty old school.

We are at the Vue Westfield Stratford city. Screen 5 to be precise. I like it here. It's far from home, yet still less than an hours journey. It think this might be the most recently built cinema complex in London. Which translates to a very good quality screen, projection and environment. And, due to Stratford city being a little bit chavy, slightly cheaper than it’s counterpart across town in Shepherds Bush.

I’m tired of 3D, so we've elected to go 2D, also known as ‘normal’. I never walk away from 3D feeling I enjoyed the film more for it. Just that I have a slight headache and pay about £3 more for the privilege. Instead we went for a VIP seat at the Extreme screen. Combined with the digital projectors they have here, it’s a good looking picture. And fairly big too.

Sound just came on. It's pretty good... and loud.

Lights are dimming. A shame there are no curtains to open. Where’s the showmanship? I doubt anyone cares any more...

Here come the trailers! Time to put this away...

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