Saturday, 15 August 2009


So, the thing about blogs is that you have to do them regularly for them to mean anything. don't you? And the thing about doing things regularly is that ideally you need to be motivated in some way. or conditioned. For years I've conditioned myself to writing a journal when I travel. I mean, literally - when I'm sitting on a plane or train or similar long journey. I used to do it on my palm pilot. These days events have transpired such that I don't really take long journeys, and when I do, I no longer use my palm pilot - it's old and I lost the input pen.

Now, I know this seems like a lame excuse, but its the truth. I find myself on the way home from work in someone's car or on a bicycle thinking about things I would've written had I been on the long 1.5 hour countryside tour de force back in the days when I lived in Valkenswaard. Admittedly, I didn't have a palm pilot back then, but I did use a notebook. Then, when I arrive home, after dealing with things in a timezone 8 hours away, it's very suddenly is time for bed.

How then, do I motivate myself, or condition myself to *remember* to write my blog / journal? Do some during my lunch break? Get up earlier in the morning? It does seem that this is the other 'writing window' I have. So that's what I'm trying now. Before I go to work. I'm going to try and ramble a bit everyday.

Because in the end there are NO EXCUSES!